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page 59 - expect the unexpected (30.jun.2012)
i've reached one important goal with this comic: it taught me how to draw hands, and i'm not afraid of hard-to-draw gestures anymore. and it only took me 59 pages! :-D
also, the second-to-last panel may be the best i've ever drawn. except for... please don't ask where the chair is coming from. the panel just felt so empty without something more in the background, and i didn't think of putting it into the first panel, even though you should be able to see it there, too.
while drawing this page, i was humming songs from disney movies because the last panel just felt like nicheck should be singing a solo there. or maybe a duet with jax where he sings about how he's secretly been in love with her all along and she sings about how she is going to go out into the world adventuring. i should go to broadway with this.

other news and stuff:
zombie apocalypse and FATE (fallout themed LARP) was awesome, like always. and now i have to wait a whole year for it to continue. damn.

movie review(s):
dark shadows: with tim burton and johnny depp in a movie you can't really go wrong. it wasn't exceptionally good, but bloody and a little funny and weird, pretty much what you'd expect i guess. 3.5 out of 5 construction workers.
mib 3: fun. could have more weird aliens in it, though. good story and goodlooking even in 2D. 4 out of 5 space shuttles
safe: a nice surprise. i expected action and lots of shooting, and got action, lots of shooting, a not-altogether-stupid story, cool fights and some really good editing/directing. 4.5 out of 5 dinner plates.
iron sky: coolest finnish movie i've ever seen. lots of people didn't like the humor, but i did. i also loved how it wasn't about space nazis at all, but filled with political jokes and satire. 4.5 out of 5 (un)armed space stations
lockout: action. in space. not much more to say about it. 2.5 out of 5 escape capsules.